Behold! Brown And Wooden Is Now On Twitter!

by bernquist

brown twitter

Good day to you crab people, socialites, statesmen, horse enthusiasts, and rhinoceros to eel conversion experts!! This is your favorite cheese photographer/couch tester Aaron Bernquist and I am posting forth to alert you all that Brown and Wooden is now on Twitter!

We aren’t sure how it happened and we don’t have any idea how to operate our Twitter account, but my brother Todd Fisk and I are confident that with time, we will be able to utilize Twitter toward our primary goal of getting everyone’s money into our Swiss Franc denominated offshore bank accounts!!!

With that in mind, go to the gigantic and very non-brown portal that is Twitter and follow @brownandwooden to get all the latest and most insightful information in the world on literally all known topics! Thank you and have an eagle venom-free evening/morning/day/thing!!!