Hello from Todd Fisk!

by toddfisk

Here at Brown and Wooden, we love to hear your ideas! We have access to an unbelievable amount of knowledge on nearly every imaginable subject, and we love to write! So far we have given you things about horses, sharks, eels, eagles, things, milk, CRAB, real estate, gingerbread, hawktopus, agriculture, politics, science, BLOODHORSE, and of course, recklessly aggressive apathy! Don’t be shy, and comment whenever you stop by! We want Brown and Wooden to be a total waste of your time that you enjoy a lot. We know you all can’t wait to give us all your money someday, and we will help to convince you by working tirelessly to provide the most useless, exciting, confusing, and entertaining reads possible! We have recently stuffed the end of each post with colorful stupid buttons so you can share what you see here with everyone on earth through your social media accounts. Please use them! Its only a click, but each share puts Aaron and I one click closer to achieving our dream of having everyone’s wealth. Happy January from Aaron, myself, and the entire staff here at Brown and Wooden corporate headquarters!!!