Harlan Scottsdale 2016: Part 1

by toddfisk

Harlan Scottsdale woke up. The sun was still only a sliver of light on the distant eastern horizon. The crisp stillness of the autumn air surrounded him. He shuddered slightly as he rose to his feet. The tall grass that was his bed glistened with early morning frost. The rut was in full swing now, and Harlan knew that the day’s battles would be dangerous; perhaps even fatal. He raised his head high, taking in the scents of a thousand different plants and animals. He knew his work was just beginning. Aside from the stresses of the annual rut, his mind raced as he strategized, knowing full well that the mid term elections had dealt a serious blow to the democrats. It had likely done irreversible harm to Hillary Clinton’s bid for the democratic nomination. Harlan Scottsdale’s time to break the silence was drawing near. He threw his head back, shook his antlers, and screamed in a shrill, high pitched bugle that reverberated off the walls of the rocky canyon he inhabited. As a 7 point bull elk in the prime of his life, running for president would certainly present formidable challenges.