Hair of the Yak

by toddfisk

This yak is green. He’s not like other yaks. He doesn’t like water polo. He does like regular polo. His horns are long and curved, but there’s a tiny trapeze for small rodents welded between them. He doesn’t know how, when, or why his head became a tiny circus, but he hates the smell of cotton candy and elephant poop. He knits a great deal, mostly hats with horn holes but occasionally socks or a weird sweater. He doesn’t like music, but he likes to eat paint brushes. He almost never rides his bicycle, preferring to travel on hoof, or by taxi cab. He’s very oily. People collect his oil to grease Ferris wheels, and hang gliders. This yak doesn’t drink any vodka. He does drink pepper spray. And crude oil. And cola. He has some digestive problems. If you see this yak, don’t yell at him. Don’t try to kill him either. Just watch him. He’s fascinating.
The End