James Wendell

by toddfisk

Meet James Wendell. James was born to a wealthy family in Philadelphia, PA in 1962. He grew up as the only child of wealthy investment banker and world renowned botanist Earl C. Wendell, and his wife Charlotte. Materially, James had everything a child could dream of. However, he was very lonely, and seldom interacted with other children, destined instead to be taught by private tutors at home. He excelled as a classical pianist, and wrote variations on several symphonies before he was twleve. Everything changed however, when having turned eighteen and finished school, James fled his cushioned and secluded upbringing forever and moved from the family estate in Philadelphia to downtown Chicago. He quickly gained employment at a fast food restaurant downtown. He rented an apartment and started to meet people, experiencing friends and a social life for the first time. James is now 51 years old, and having worked his way up the ladder now owns three of his own restaurants, all in the Chicago land area. He has never married. Though he is known throughout the business as an industrious man and a generous employer, James has a dark secret. Shortly after the success of his first restaurant, he was introduced to the world of sports gambling. It started out simply as harmless bets with friends, but now, he knows his addiction is chronic. No one but James knows that soon he’ll be forced to sell off his restaurants in order to settle his debts. It’s driven him to hours of lonely solitude, and a heavier than usual dependence on alcohol. It seems in fact that for James, there is simply no way out. Tomorrow, he will lose everything. James Wendell is a 36 foot basking shark.