Happy New Year!

by toddfisk

Hey folks, it’s Todd Fisk, contributing editor here at Brown and Wooden. My brother Aaron Bernquist and I would like to take a moment to thank all of the obviously clever and intelligent people from all over the globe who have made Brown and Wooden an overnight sensation! We’ve had many visitors in the first 48 hours. Keep checking back daily for new recipes, maps, stories, advertisements, biographies, tusk stumps, and anything else we feel like posting! We’d love to hear from all our already extremely loyal followers. We encourage you to post comments, questions, and your brown and wooden ideas for making Brown and Wooden a better sanctuary for the mentally….uncommon. And don’t worry, we moderate every comment and if we deem yours to be useless, excessively brown, stupid, or lackluster, we’ll throw it right in the trash, and never publish it! Why? Because we can! Thank you all again, and Happy New Year!